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At Wondertree Kids, we believe that the most important learning years are from birth to seven and that school readiness begins at birth.  These early years bring with them an intense fascination for learning; young children are excited about learning new things and discovering the wonders of the world around them and parents are looking for activities and ideas that can help leverage these early years and set a solid foundation for their children.  Wondertree Kids’ enrichment programs and approach to school readiness helps you take advantage of your child’s natural curiosity and need for exploration to propel their development of important educational and life skills through the best pathway there is for children – Play!


Wondertree Kids offers various programming to stimulate learning and development through Purposeful Play©.  Wondertree Kids’ School Readiness © model takes the science of early childhood knowledge and develops it into practical & hands-on programming for parents and children that are stimulating, engaging, play-based and so much fun!  Designed by early childhood experts, our age-appropriate activities & classes help develop the character, communication, cognitive and control © skills of children through Purposeful Play©!


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